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Mission Statement

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We at the Endorphin Power Company see substance abuse and homelessness as both an individual and social problem. Our goal is to address that problem on both levels at once. We want to contribute to the greater good of local and global communities by promoting the benefits of healthy-living, healthy connections and environmental consciousness. We seek to cultivate an environment in which individuals and communities foster health, happiness, and awareness through the “Four Pillars” of education, exercise, community and service to others.

Who We Are

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Since 2003, hundreds of volunteers have spent thousands of hours working to make the Endorphin Power Company one of Albuquerque’s most respected and admired non-profit organizations in the field of addiction recovery.

What We Do

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We provide single occupancy, transitional housing for people experiencing homelessness as a result of substance abuse. We provide a safe, clean and sober living environment where people become part of a healthy community and are encouraged to set and reach goals.

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Endorphin Power Company: 509 Cardenas SE • Albuquerque, NM 87108 505-268-3372 info@endorphinpower.org