Supporting Recovery
from Substance Abuse

Endorphin Power Company is committed to supporting your journey in recovery
from substance abuse in the following ways.

Endorphin Power Company’s
Four Pillars Program

Our Four Pillars Program provides single occupancy, transitional housing for people who desire continued, communal  support as they recover from substance abuse.

We provide a safe, clean, and sober living environment where people become part of a healthy community while being encouraged to set and reach goals.

Are you ready to continue your recovery from substance abuse with EPC? Click below for the application and more information on our program and the application through intake process.

Recovery Meetings
& Class Calendar

EPC’s Recovery Meetings & Class Calendar is filled with recovery related events, some ongoing and others are one-time experiences. We encourage you to check our recovery calendar frequently as new meetings, events, and activities are posted on a regular basis.

Our recovery groups meet the specific needs of the addict and his/her friends and family. We strive to provide space that is safe, relaxing, and non-judgmental; our hope is that all who come to our campus may benefit from the experience.

Click below to browse our calendar to find the events and/or activity times that work for you.

Other Resources

Our sober living program works off our waiting list to fill open rooms, and we require 30 days of abstinence before you are eligible to move-in.

You may need to find another option in the meantime, or you may want to complete an in-patient/residential treatment program first.

Either way, click below for a list of additional, nearby resources.